Graphic Creation

Do you need a banner for your site?  A dustjacket for that brand new fic you've just spun?  A main graphic for your page?  Or something else?  I would be happy to craete custom graphics for anyone with an X-Files site.  If you use one of my graphics, I do ask that you place my name (linked to my email, underneath the image.  If you have a links page, I'd appreciate a link to this site ( but it isn't required.   Below are samples of some of my work, and you will also see samples of my collages all over this site.  To order your own graphic, please email me @  Thanks much!

bannera.jpg (6887 bytes)

blackback.jpg (11875 bytes)

celebra1.gif (17865 bytes)

celebra2.jpg (36371 bytes)

celebra3.jpg (22820 bytes)

givethanks.jpg (44316 bytes)

repressed memories.jpg (27264 bytes)