I'm a phile, are you?

Here's where you can laugh at all those non-philes or ex-philes is your life.   Submit your own phile experiences here or read on! 

You really know you're an X-phile when your favorite football team is the Minnesota Vikings only because Chris Carter plays for them.  This isn't actaully true in my place, but it is the first time I actually listened to football.  I was sitting in the backseat of the car when my dad turned it on and it happened.  Chris Carter...did something...uh...I'm not too into football, but you get the picture.

I'm convinced that the only reason my uncle dislikes the X-Files is because he's a smoker and CSM is also called Cancerman.

I do a double-take whenever I see the word "Murder" just because it looks so very much like "Mulder."

My mom says "You do know it's just a show," and I look at her like she's crazy.

I found out that a kid at school doesn't own a television (his parents don't believe in them or something) and my first thought was <how does he watch the X-Files?>.

I think of the terms "obsessive," "paranoid," and "weird" as compliments.

I always scan the credits at the end of movies to see if I see any names simalar to X-Files actors, actresses, crew, etc.

I read lists like this in other places and think, <Who doesn't?>.

The above are my experiences.  You can submit your own above.

Everytime I see something with an X in it I am drawn to it.

X-perience from X.

My friend was telling me about her little boy whomight be getting nightly visits from the ghost of Bev's best friend who killed herself a few years back. I told Bev that ghosts are "benevolent entities". I paused for a moment and remembered that is how Mulder described ghosts in "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas" and burst out laughing. I also use Scully's forensic terminology at every chance I get-"Gee, you are pale today. Have you had your melanin levels checked recently?" :)

X-perience from Quinnanne Henny

I divide the world sharply into three categories: X-Philes, non-Philes, and anti-Philes. The first thing I find out about a person is where they rank. Then I can decide if they're worth associating with.

X-perience from R

My first worry, no matter where I am, is "Will I be able to watch X-Files?" Expecially on Sundays!

X-perience from: Happy

X-periences: When I recognize an actor who had a part on the show, I always make a big deal out of it, like: "Hey! He/She was (put name of character here) in the episode called (put the name of it, and its number, here)..." Oh! And, when it fits in a conversation, I absolutely have to quote a character, or compare it to a plot of an episode...

X-perience from: LoveJanick

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