I basically went down my bookmarks menu any pulled out the best XF links.  If you find any broken links, please tell me.  Enjoy!

Episode Guides and Information

The X-Files Inside-Jokes List - This site lists inside jokes from every episode, plus has other interesting lists, such as the number of times M&S have said "I'm fine."

The X-Files: for the Detail Obsessed X-Phile - Here you will find details on each episode and chacter.  Hmmm, now you can finally call Mulder...

X-Files Episode Ratings and Reviews - Viewers rate and review each episode and you can put your vote in too.

Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide - Every episode is reviewed, with the added feature of transcripts of each ep.


The Hub - This site lists various fanfic archives.

The EMXC Archive - Here you will find all the sends of the EMXC mailing list archived.

The Gossamer Project - This is the largest archive.  You can find almost any fanfic you want here.

The XFU Chris Carter Library of Internet Fanfiction Classics - Fanfic "classics" are archived in this site.


The Defintive X-Files Source - Pictures, screensavers, desktop themes, soundtracks...

The X-Files Underground - Great movie media.

eXcess - Here is a large collection of episodic .wav files.

Rohan's X-Files Realm - Check out the download section.


Gertie's Shipper-Friendly X-Files Page - Awesome 'shipper photo galleria and fanfic archive.

The M&S Soundtrack Project - 200+ songs that describe the M/S relationship.

MSRISMA - Any Sarah fan will love this site.  It shows how Sarah's songs symbolize MSR.


X-Files University - What's your major?

ConneXion - You can get a X-Pal here, that is, another X-phile to exchange e-mail with.

Fox William Mulder on the Web - Mulder-defenders unite!

Area 47: The Mystic Portal

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