The Believe Soundtrack

I got the idea for this from The Love is Out There, with a major difference.  This is a collection of songs that have something to do with the X-Files, from character to character.  They can be Mulder to Scully or Spender to Skinner -- whatever you think fairly represents the characters.  It's sort of like dedicating a song to someone.  (You'll get the idea by reading the ones below.)  Songs with warnings are labeled as such.  I have the mp3's for most of these, so if you can't find it anywhere else (and please do try), I'll see what I can do to get it to you.  I would suggest  You'll have to download their software to use it, but it makes mp3 downloading much easier.

Extra note -- I have not censored language either in the songs, song titles, or in descriptions.  If you feel you may be offended by this, do not read any further.   I have tried to leave a note if I feel it is warranted, but you may not agree.

From the World to Diana : Feelings : The Offspring : DianaBashing

Scully to Mulder : Building a Mystery : Sarah McLachlan : language

Scully to Mulder : Walk Away : Bree Sharp

Scully to Mulder : Bitch : Meredith Brooks : language

Diana to Mulder : Delight : Bic Runga

Mulder to Scully : No Place That Far : Sara Evans

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