Old, unenlightened moi was a little unenthused by the whole Mulder/Scully Romance thing. That's all changed, but if you'd like to read those old thoughts, feel free to right here.

Now, however, I think the time has come. Or when you're reading this (I don't update that often) it may have been done. Mulder and Scully are just right. You don't give a speech like in the end of "Amor Fati" to your best bud. And while one might give them a peck for the new year, they wouldn't kiss for that long! And if one considers all Mulder has done for Scully and vice versa, I think it' pretty obvious that what they feel for one another is more than just 'friendship.'

I do have some advise for all NoRoMos out there, though, if they happen to be reading this. Turn off your television about five minutes before ten o'clock. This will save you from seeing almost all 'shippy moments. Let's take a look. The Christmas presents. The impromptu baseball lesson. The 'touchstone' speech. The kiss. The "I love you." etc. Some of these are almost unrelated to the actual ep. So...that's it, on to the rest!

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the hug, the kiss, and the bee
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