People say I'm stupid and I prove them wrong.  People say I'm crazy, and I agree with them.  People say I'm an X-phile and it's the best compliment I've ever recieved.  -Eva James

Do you have what it takes?  Is your obsession really and obsession or are you just a fan?  Find out in "I'm a phile, are you?" and add to the list.

The new Star Wars trailer for The Phantom Menace is out.   Here are a few pics I grabbed from it:

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Go Skinner!  I recently saw A Civil Action and was very excited to learn of a new side of Skinner.  The judge in this (excellant) movie is named Walter Skinner.  Although his middle initial is J and not S, we can only assume that Skinner has given up on the FBI and moved onto another area of the government...right?

TV Guide Awards: David Duchovny won "best male actor in a drama," and while he certainly deserves it (as well as sexiest and best dressed), I can't say I thought much of his acceptance speech. I did become rather, er, angry when neither Gillian Anderson nor The X-Files itself won in their categories, though they were nominated. Then again, that's not even a tenth of the anger I, er, expressed during the more prestigious Golden Globes.

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